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Is your computer running slower than EVER...?


Providing IT services since 2004 in the
Fredericksburg and surrounding area.

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Speed it UP NOW!

Contact PEP Systems and we will improve the performance of your computer.

The cost for this service is a flat rate of ONLY $35.00 per computer!!! Payable via credit card or debit card.

We will:

 1> Run optimization tools to remove unwanted temporary files.

 2> Clear out browser caches.

 3> Clean up your computer registry.

 4> Remove unused software (with your permission) such as old printer drivers etc. when you no longer have the printer.

 5> Recommend memory upgrades if appropriate to increase performance.


Network Design & Support (wired & wireless)

Network Security

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

SPEED up slow computers

Computer Data migration

Application Assistance

Web Site Design

Disaster Preparedness Planning

Disaster Recovery

Interior camera security system installation and setup


Disaster Recovery

"It is not a question of if your hard drive will fail, but it's a question of when it will fail. All you can do is to be ready..."

Consider discussing your options to protect your valuable business data!


"BEFORE, there were network outages, unbalanced loads, rouge routers marching to their own drum, lost emails, and mysteriously behaving work stations; in a word, mass chaos. AFTER, there has been a well lead, well balanced network with all components communicating and cooperating without any hassles of endless troubleshooting and tweaking; much like a well lead orchestra. The difference? PEP systems."

Doctor Arash Mansouri,
Access Eye Centers

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